Dancing Pines

Right now, I am in bed about to watch an episode of Netflix’s Medici the Magnificent, curled up next to Harley. Marley is on the floor right now, but she’ll join us in bed soon enough. Capt’n is in her crate for the night. The only difference?

We ain’t at The Farm, we’ve move to a new place I have just dubbed Dancing Pines. There’s one pine tree that has branches curving up and down, as if it were dancing. The sunset set on the mountain range… it’s beautiful here! But most importantly – I have escaped a friend-turned-selfish dictator who was also my landlord. Long story short, he became terrible the more he drank and lied and scammed his way through the weed business… I HATED how he always lied or tried to convince me to lie to people I care about, as long as it would benefit him – and every time I refused, I would have to deal with his berating me. Worse, he has flipped out on me twice specifically because I asked if we could put this tenancy thing in writing for both our protection. Lo and behold, I moved out without informing him. I still have to get the school bus and move it here this Saturday tho.

Dancing Pines is 1.88 acres of land, with two buildings. Both have bathroom; one has a full bathroom with laundry and a kitchen. The other is just 2 unfinished rooms. I have permission to build as I wish. There’s a fruit orchard with apples, pears, peaches, blackberries, elderberries, strawberries, grapes and I forgot what else. also 3 fenced and extremely roomy chicken coops, a livestock run, a shed and… a disconnected gas tanker filler thingy – idk what it’s called but it used to fill up gas tankers from the top. There’s no tank, no wires or pipes. Just the scaffolding/building. Perfect to park the bus under and use to work on the bus roof!

Oh yeah, and the entire property is fenced. So, Harley, Marley and Capt’n all get to roam free, off leash! Best of all? Rent to own is on the table. W00T!!!!

There’s food stores, 3 restaurants, a bar, dispensary, clone store, pet/livestock feed store, lumber yard and a buncha more businesses… all 10-15 mins away on the onewheel!!! 4 minutes drive!! It’s been a while since I’ve been surrounded by so many people and… I’m so much happier here.

Best of all? Full cellular service and zero obstruction for Starlink dishy. Oh gods, yes – I’m set!

Although I’m tired and I need to get some work done… but my desk needs parts which are in the shed and… yeah, no, I’m tired and gonna ko soon.

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