The DogHouse update

As I write this, I have no internet and zero cellular connectivity – I’m handing out at my buddy’s place that is way more remote than my previous place – a 40 minute hike from where he parked the car, crossed a river (no bridge) and hiked some more. When he’s done he’s gonna drive me home.

Good and bad news… I’ll start with the bad.

The tire that was low on air is now fully drained, rim sitting on rubber and like 3/4 of the bead on the outside side has been unseated. I know that I have to at least lift it up; possibly remove the tire and bring it somewhere to be reseated and filled up with air. I do have a brand new 175psi 21 gallon air compressor I bought for this reason… meh. When we hike back to my buddy’s car and I have service again I should hear back from my mechanic and see what he advises. I ain’t bringing The DogHouse home today… bummer.

Good news – based on the advice of my mechanic, I loosened the 6th injector port (just loosened, maybe 1/4-1/3 of a turn) and she started right up! A deep, throaty purrr like nothing ever was an issue. This is a big relief!

One great part about the hike to my buddy’s place – foraging for wild blackberries!!! These are the thorny bushes, and seems like that type ripens faster than thornless? My blackberries are just starting to ripen and I had my first mini harvest yesterday – more than double what you see in the picture is what I harvested… but of course I had to munch while gathering! Mmm, and some plums look almost ready! My buddy ate one and said it was almost ripe but still good so I had one and, oooohhh mama I can’t wait!

Oh yeah – Friday, August 4th was capt’n and her brothers’ 6 month birthday! So far I’ve heard back from 2 others: Bacon is 74lbs, Capt’n is 60.6lbs, and Charso is 69 lbs! Double that and you’ve got their approximate weight in 6 months! I’ve heard back from others once in a while and everybody is happy with their pups – all healthy, velcro-clingy pups! I definitely will host a birthday party for all the pups and if everybody manages to come – that will blow my mind! 🤞🏻

Not to wrap things up on a sad note, but… I just found out my grandfather, Jim Kluge, passed away recently. He was 94, and lived one hella life. Fought in the end of WWII and supervised Germany’s reconstruction… I’m grateful for everything he’s done for me, back when I was a wee tyke who just became deaf and my parents gave me up for almost a year – he and gram took me in. They never let me use my deafness as an excuse, and I learned how to be a hard worker, give my all and push myself harder. I’m grateful to have his and his father’s memoir – something I can read up anytime. As far as I know, no other family member has this, and I can’t say I know anybody in my family as well as I do him – well, at least their background. Being the only deaf in a hearing family sucks, especially when most everybody doesn’t know sign language, and those that do… only use it to talk to me, and not keep me involved in the talks. C’est la vie… requiescat in pace, grandpa.

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