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A long time ago, in another galaxy, far far away…

A long time ago ’twas, but alas took place in a certain arm of the Milky Way galaxy on a certain planet, just a couple mountains down from where I live now…I asked this dude if he could draw me, Harley and Marley in front of The DogHouse. It wasn’t an urgent request, as he was working on a big gig. Over time, I sent him a lot of photographs and videos of Harley and Marley. Lo and behold, Marley became pregnant (she’s now spayed!) and gave birth to a beautiful litter, which I ended up keeping the only female pup and… well, 1 year later Capt’n certainly makes her presence known! Anyways, this dude was cool enough to add in Capt’n a few months ago, I didn’t ask him to update her size recently (or my beard size!) and recently he informed me…

He’s done!

Well, not exactly – he asked if there were any edits or feedbacks, but nah it’s perfect! I present to you…

Ragsdale Family Portrait

I’m just amazed at his skill and how he caught each dogs’ personalities and most especially their eyes!! I mean, I KNEW his skills – I saw his work and was impressed enough to ask him to do this for me – but still, DAMN! I’m definitely getting this put over the external bus electrical fuse panel door under the driver side window! If you want something done by him, drop me a comment with your email and I’ll pass the word along!

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