Hi, I'm Jesse Ragsdale
A polymath, jack-of-all-trades

Just another dude... with dogs and a skoolie!

Fun with ChatGPT 4.0

Often, I recall quotes or sayings that relate to a topic being discussed. Today, Shakespeare’s “King Henry” came to mind in GoSign.Ai’s discord room, and… I ran to ChatGPT 4.0 with this prompt: “let’s have some fun. can you rewrite the following, keeping the writing style and grammar as is, but modernizing the content of

Life is good, getting better…

GoSign.Ai Update Trubiz, trubiz… I got offered the position as Software Engineer! It’s currently unpaid, but for equity… Hopefully the upcoming meeting with an investor will be fruitful and a salary might be in the picture in the near future. My first official programming job, second official IT-related job! For those of you who know

Quite the weekend…

Got a lot done over the weekend with decent (dry heat) weather. The hill of dirt/rocks that I seeded with crimson clover is coming along nicely! I’ve got two of the 4 Arlo security cameras  that my landlord left me set up with fresh batteries (CR123A’s aint cheap) and a base station (that I ordered

Man, it’s hot… but thats allright!

The Germs visited me last weekend! It was awesome to finally have yet another guest here! It’s been way too long, especially given our love for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and floating ’round and ’round on our onewheels! We met up in Redding at my storage unit (it’s finally empty, I’m saving $70/month and everything