Hi, I'm Jesse Ragsdale
A polymath, jack-of-all-trades

Just another dude... with dogs and a skoolie!

Being Deaf, Going to the Doctor’s…

Figured I’d start writing about my experiences getting hurt and dealing with hospitals/doctors as a Deaf person. I’m rather experienced in this subject as… yeah, I get hurt often! So with this said, I would like to take a minute, sit back, and tell you the tale of how I flew like SuperMan and screwed

Fun with ChatGPT 4.0

Often, I recall quotes or sayings that relate to a topic being discussed. Today, Shakespeare’s “King Henry” came to mind in GoSign.Ai’s discord room, and… I ran to ChatGPT 4.0 with this prompt: “let’s have some fun. can you rewrite the following, keeping the writing style and grammar as is, but modernizing the content of

Life is good, getting better…

GoSign.Ai Update Trubiz, trubiz… I got offered the position as Software Engineer! It’s currently unpaid, but for equity… Hopefully the upcoming meeting with an investor will be fruitful and a salary might be in the picture in the near future. My first official programming job, second official IT-related job! For those of you who know