Hello world!

Hello, hello brave new world!

My first posting on this updated personal website of mine. w00t!

I have been living here in Mad River for over a year and half full-time; this is my second winter here. I used to live here for a few months before I moved back to Philly in 2017, only experienced barely half a winter then. I’ll tell you this much – it ain’t easy, ya gotta have survival and DIY skills, but man… the views, the freedom, the peace and quiet – it’s hella worth it!

For the past few months, I’ve been a student at BloomTech focusing on Data Science. At the same time, I’ve had the privilege of being my friend’s assistant in her website business, Eyeth Studios. My primary responsibility is to oversee the business’ finances – payroll, invoicing, balancing the books, and currently filling out 1099’s. (Check out my GitHub Repository on the Python code I wrote to take a bank’s CSV output of one year’s payments and export a spreadsheet of recipients’ name and how much we paid them in one year – super nifty!) Also, I assist her in developing several of our clients’ websites, although she’s the creative genius here!

My goal is to finish school so I can land a full-time work-from-home job in Data Science (although I plan to continue working as a financer for Eyeth Studios) and also be able to better develop DAISY (Doghouse Artificial Intelligence System Yawps) for The DogHouse – as a Deaf person, Siri/Alexa is worthless, hence this work on DAISY. It will be able to recognize signed commands, and I plan to eventually grow this dataset to cover as many ASL signs as I can; however, this dataset will really only be valid for me, and I would need MANY volunteers to grow this dataset so it can eventually read anybody’s signed commands. (NO – not an ASL interpreter! If you wonder why I say this is ridiculous, take a couple ASL courses first)

From this, I plan on growing a new business – Deaf^, which will be an online course providing instruction in ASL on programming, website development, and any IT-related skills. Stay tuned for more info on Deaf^! (yup – it’s website will be developed by Eyeth Studios!)

For now… I’m out!

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