Only the second post, but… a lot!

To sum:

  • Late evening Feb 4/Early morning Feb 5th, Marley gave birth early to 7 puppies, all named as if I were Reginald Hargreeves and they were my Umbrella Academy. Unfortunately, Number 7 died; story of their birth can be found here.
    • Friday, Feb 17 – the puppies started to stand up and walk on all 4’s! shaky drunken steps, but this is the start!
    • Sunday, Feb 19 – the puppies started to crack their eyes open! most of the are still squinty, Numbers 5 and 6 have not cracked their eyes open yet as of 20:00.
    • I’ve got a weight chart visualizer set up in a Google Colaboratory notebook, and am working on a custom row in which their age at the latest weight-in will be calculated. Sometimes this week I hope to be able to start measuring their heights and paws for additional data for a linear regression prediction of their adult weight/height at 1 year old.
  • I’ve made significant progress in my studies at Bloom Tech; my GitHub repository is more active than ever. Covered some SQL work with ElephantSQL service, currently working on PostgreSQL.
  • I haven’t had the chance to mess around much with my Ender 3 Neo 3d printer; I need to adjust the z offset to have better print bed adhestion, I think. Gotta play with this a bit more; once I’ve fine tuned my print parameters, I’ll get to work on printing a custom bottom piece for a hexacopter drone. I have BIG plans for this idea!!!
  • We are anticipating a big snowstorm this coming Tuesday (Feb 21) which should last through Friday evening, a lull Saturday, and then a heavier snowfall Sunday through next Tuesday. Wonderful!
  • I’ve ordered The American Medical Association’s Encyclopedia of Medicine, mostly to having watched Marley’s one teat swell up really firm, and break out in one big, one small abscess… It’s just an infection, and antibiotics (amoxicillin and clauvulante potassium tablets) and pain meds (tramadol) made a huge impact and everything started to get better right away. Figured I need to learn a bit about this… kinda prepper mode. Survival skills, right? Reminds me, I need to go thru my first aid and make sure all the meds there are not expired…
  • Not much progress has been made on The DogHouse; income has been rather tight lately, but foretasted to improve soon.

That pretty much sums it. Oh yeah, and I’ve deleted the FB app from my phone. I will continue to post to Instagram pics, and have those shared with my FB profile, but I’ll only access it from the laptop from now on; gonna run ad blockers because I’m SO TIRED of every other post or so being an ad… I miss the original interface! KISS, man, and stay away from ads… erm, spam. it’s spam. Yeah.

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