Winterfell Still Remains

It is April 17, 2023… Yes, it’s snowing. We’re expected to get 4″ today, 1″ tomorrow. w00t. As you can see, my shoveled path has widened and more of the ground is showing. But no, it has to snow. AGAIN. Just when I thought things were getting better… but hey, it’s just two days of light snow, and then it’s gonna be in the 50’s for a week after that. Hopefully even warmer… we shall see. Snow, BEGONE!!! Pretty please with cherry on top and fudge?

Oh.. Fudge. mmm…..

April 4th – THE ROAD WAS PLOWED!!!! After long last… to quote Braveheart – FREEDOM!!!! I can finally drive myself around and go shopping for provisions for myself and the dogs!!! Watching that bulldozer in action was, phew – looked like it was just brushing aside all that snow like it was mere dust on the floor! Now, that’s POWER!

The road was pretty scary to navigate, with sidewalls being so much higher than my car. You can’t see people coming from the other direction, and the width was enough for maybe a big pickup truck to barely pass through. I would honk my horn frequently anytime I came upon even the slightest curve where I couldn’t see ahead enough…  Definitely a dangerous drive – fortunately, there’s usually nobody driving… Usually.

My buddy Mike, and his girlfriend Brenda came down last Friday. They spent the weekend here (AAAAYYYY DEAF FIX PAH!!!) to get to know Numbers 1 and 6. I’ve known Mike for a long time (we even worked at Mozzeria together) and he’s a great guy, especially with dogs. I know for a fact this was a great fit, and Bacon will be spoiled rotten… (with bacon, too!) They spent a lot of time researching the Akita breed, asking questions and learning all they could about the pups. They took up to their room Numbers 1, 3, 4, and 6 and spent time with them, and decided that Number 1 had chosen them. They had a long drive back home, about 10 hours, and kept in touch with me for most of the drive. Bacon was doing good, but the big question would be – will he get along with their other 3 dogs, and will they accept him?

Around midnight, they arrived home, and as per my request – sent me a video of Bacon meeting his new pack. They all got along wonderfully! Although, Brenda did say her chihuahua was a bit bossy and growled a bit, the overall mood was great. All through today I got pictures and videos of their dogs with Bacon… This was a perfect match. Here’s hoping each pup goes to an equally awesome home!

Number 5/Cerberus will be going home to Alyssa, date to be determined. Most likely Number 3, or possibly Number 6 will go home to Dustin, date to be determined. Number 4, and most likely Number 6 are still looking for their forever homes… This has been one hella difficult experience, raising 6 puppies all by myself during a serious winter in which I was snowed in, unable to drive, and had to go to extreme measures to get provisions firstly for my dogs, and then myself. It’s definitely been stressful, and I felt like I was losing it at some points recently. Bacon’s going home definitely hit me harder than I thought it would be, but at the same time, I’m happy for him. Never gonna breed another dog again, at least not alone!!!

Being snowed in definitely was the biggest aspect of my feeling like I was losing it. Fortunately I had a lot of things to do to keep busy, and doing what one has to do to survive definitely keeps one busier! It’s not over yet. It’s gonna snow through tomorrow and… possibly even again a few more times up to June. (Folks, please – stop pissing Elsa off!!!)

Oh yeah, Star Trek: Picard… is killing it!!! Oh my, last Thursday’s episode… it was beautiful! Can’t wait for the finale, but don’t want it to end! (yes, yes, all good things come to an end… that WAS one of the many great TNG episodes with Q, hey!) Hopefully they’ll announce Star Trek: Section 31 soon… For now, Strange New World, Discovery, Prodigy and Lower Decks will satiate my trek fix.

Live long, and prosper.

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