Winterfell is melting, puppies are vaccinated!

Monday, April 17th – it snowed. Yup. 4″. Tuesday and Wednesday brought a wee bit more, but not too much. Thursday, it all started to melt, my pathways widened… OH JOY!!!! It’s melting away, and I don’t have to shov…. oh. wait. There’s still the driveway. Meh, I WAS working on a path down the

Winterfell Still Remains It is April 17, 2023… Yes, it’s snowing. We’re expected to get 4″ today, 1″ tomorrow. w00t. As you can see, my shoveled path has widened and more of the ground is showing. But no, it has to snow. AGAIN. Just when I thought things were getting better… but hey, it’s just two days