Quite the weekend…

Got a lot done over the weekend with decent (dry heat) weather. The hill of dirt/rocks that I seeded with crimson clover is coming along nicely! I’ve got two of the 4 Arlo security cameras  that my landlord left me set up with fresh batteries (CR123A’s aint cheap) and a base station (that I ordered off eBay). Will get more batteries later on for the other two. I also got the power adapter for (4) Night Owl wired thermal cameras that the landlord also left me, albeit no DVR. Sometimes this week or next I’ll get around to pulling one of the Raspberry Pi’s out of dustbin and get it set up with some computer vision and hook it up to one of my spare hard drives. This place is hella secure, no doubt about it! Shit, maybe I should set up an automated doggy door (lower half of the door, actually… given the size Capt’n is gonna grow into – shes almost 6 months old and bigger than Harley!) and set the RPi up to detect humans, and if the face doesn’t match mine, open doggy doors and blast “Who Let the Dogs Out” loud…. Yeah, that sounds like a fun security project!

Working for Eyeth Studios, I’ve been putting automations to work and I’m starting to see automations here, automations there, automations every which where!!! So many things in life can be automated. Shit, yeah… I love working for Jane, knowing that I’m helping other small Deaf businesses thrive through building websites to help draw more business, and in the long run support and grow the Deaf ecosystem. Also, meeting awesome folks in the Deaf world!

Speaking of which, a wonderful screwup occured on Ryan’s part – he mistook me for another Jesse, and reached out about his new startup, GoSign.Ai, and I replied… one thing led to another, and he invited me to their discord and introduced me to their programmer, Jeff. Had an interview-ish meeting with these two and it sounds like I’d be a great fit for their team. I was invited to take part in an hackathon with Jeff today, and learned about VS Code’s Live Share extension – which totally rocks! I was able to follow Jeff as he walked me through their code, and we worked together on developing a function that would take in a list and return three user stats. We finished 1 of the three stats together, and I just finished writing the second one on my own using a generic hard coded list in Google Colab. I believe this hackathon counts as an technical interview? Regardless, it was fun – I got to learn a buncha new signs related to Python/coding syntax!

Tomorrow, I should be receiving my sprinkler system for the fruit orchard, so I don’t have to spend over an hour watering the orchard at night – it’s a lot of work but hey… AUTOMATE THIS SHIT!

Oh yeah, MK8D latest DLC release rocks! Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom blows my mind!!! Hella addictive, too… just can’t stop once I get the controller in my hand!

Alrighty then, best hit the sack. Here’s two pictures of the night sky I just took at 23:45 yesterday (today technically is Monday, as I submit this post…) – if not yet apparent… I LOVE living here! Minimal light pollution, oh yeah! Anybody wanna gift me a kick ass telescope? No? *adding to shopping list* Gonna be a while before I can buy one, tho… priorities!

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