Hayfork Cleanup

This is to help with cleanup behind First Impressions – refer to this Facebook Post in Hayforkers group that I made earlier 02/22/2024.


This is a huge eyesore, even if it’s not easily visible from the road. Not only this, it’s polluting our homes; it’s a biohazard not just for us humans, but for our pets and wildlife. This kind of dump invites disease, rodents, and pollutants in our water. It’s clear that the county is doing nothing about this, so it’s time for us to take action! According to several folks in this FB post, the owner is willing to allow us to clean this up. Let’s get together and clean this up!

WARNING: Mae Moon does have several dogs that run off-leash and have a history of biting people. I will supply 2-4 cans of dog deterrent spray (similar to mace) so we can have some folks ‘armed’ and on the watch for these dogs approaching us during cleanup.

Additionally, please check out the Trinity County Code Violation website and file a report. The more of us report this, and also mention that we personally are taking action since the county is failing to do so… perhaps we can smack some sense in these folks!

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