What a week…!!

Phew… says it all.

Since Tueday, the water lines froze. Nothing I could do about this. Fortunately, I have three 5-gallon jugs of water I was able to survive on, between me and 2 adult dogs. Today, I ended up running low and melted about 3 gallons worth of water from snow, boiled said water, filtered said water, and ran UV lights in said water to purify it. Just when I was about to add the latest batch to the jug…  I decided to give the kitchen sink a go – lo and behold, water flowed!!! I was so grateful for this because I seriously needed a shower, and needed to wash a huge pile of puppy-pee soaked towels and blankets!

Waking up every hour to check on the fire and feed it is taking its toll on me. I KO’d for 4 hours and woke up to a freezing living room. No bueno! I’ve had headaches and been feeling off for the past 2 days. Haven’t done much except for the essentials to survive. Feeling better now that I’ve had a good hot shower, tomorrow should be one hella productive day.

Marley’s doing great as a mama, Harley is being an indifferent but rather tolerant uncle, and the pups are doing great! I managed to finish the two plot images I wanted, with age in the legends. I finally finished writing the function to predict adult weight at 1 year old based on that generic and wholly unreliable formula. Its predictions very significantly! I can’t wait to start collecting the pups’ heights and paw sizes in addition to their weights! I hoped to start tomorrow, Feb 26th, but I may wait a few days til all pups are standing and walking stable and steady without falling over like the milk-drunk pups they are.


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